The Complete Guide To Bowling Alleys In Dublin

Dublin can boast of a surprisingly comprehensive selection of bowling alleys for a city of its compact size. Whether you’re just looking for a fun evening out with friends and family, or thinking of joining a competitive bowling league, Dublin has a venue to suit you.

In this post we share our complete guide to the bowling alleys in Dublin.

Map of Bowling Alleys

The map below shows the location of every bowling alley highlighted in the post:

ALSAA Sports Centre

ALSAA Bowling Alley

Source: ALSAA Bowling Alley

The ALSAA Sports Centre in North Dublin is perhaps the spiritual home of ten pin bowling in Dublin. The ALSAA bowling club, established in 1963 by a group of Aer Lingus workers with a passion for the game, run regular leagues that play throughout the week and cater to all standards. 

While the bowling alley has an undeniably retro feel to it now, the facilities are still excellent, offering 10 lanes, a simple food menu serving family-friendly classics, and ample parking. 

More information can be found here.

Location: Old Airport Rd, Toberbunny, Dublin

Leisureplex Blanchardstown

The first of three Leisureplex locations on the list, Leisureplex Blanchardstown is undoubtedly the biggest and best of the three. Conveniently located beside Blanchardstown Shopping Centre, Leisureplex Blanchardstown benefits from extensive parking and a wide range of casual restaurants to choose from nearby. 

This bowling alley is an excellent spot to host birthday parties and other group events. The huge range of other activities available apart from bowling make it make a particularly good place for families with young children.

Full information for all of the Leisureplex locations can be found here.

Location: Blanchardstown Shopping Centre, Blanchardstown, Dublin

Leisureplex Coolock

The second Leisureplex location on our list, Leisureplex Coolock is another excellent place to bowl for those living in North Dublin. As a member of the Leisureplex chain, this bowling alley is perfectly suited to those with young families due to the range of other family-friendly activities on offer. 

However, between bowling, Quaser, pool tables and many more activities, Leisureplex Coolock offers a great day out for all ages. 

Location: Malahide Road, Northside, Dublin

Leisureplex Charlestown

Finally, the newest addition to the Leisureplex chain is Leisureplex Charlestown, located near the Ballymun neighbourhood of North Dublin. Sporting an ultra-modern decor, the bowling alley is one of the best in the country, with no less than 16 lanes to strike out on.

Similarly to the other Leisureplex locations, there is a range of other activities to keep everyone occupied, food and drink available on site, as well as plenty of parking. In addition, there are BYOB nights held throughout the week.

Location: 135 Charlestown Way, Charlestown, Dublin

Bray Bowl Entertainment

Located in the seaside village of Bray, just outside of County Dublin, Bray Bowl Entertainment is an excellent spot for those looking to get out of the city. The location is particularly accessible by public transport, situated close to Bray DART station. 

Offering 12 lanes, this bowling alley is particularly well-known for its legendary BYOB nights hosted every Friday and Saturday. In addition to the bowling alley, there is a great selection of retro arcade games, as well as lots of other activities, including pool, table tennis, and laser tag.

More information can be found here.

Location: Quinsborough Road, Bray, County Wicklow

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