The 7 Best Burrito Bars In Dublin

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The humble burrito was a monster hit with Dubliners when the first burrito bars began to spring up across the city. Proving especially popular with cash-strapped students and time-pressed professionals, the burrito has now cemented its position as a lunchtime staple in the capital. A number of chains and independent burrito bars have now established themselves in Dublin, offering their unique twist on the versatile Mexican classic.

However, for every spot serving up mouth-wateringly good burritos and bowls, there’s another that manages to churn out only bland and unfulfilling meals. In recent years, standards have also slipped in many burrito bars across Dublin. Thankfully, we have personally sampled each and every burrito on our list below to make sure that they’re still the cream of the burrito crop in 2023.

In this post, we share the 7 best burritos bars in Dublin.

Map of Burrito Bars

The following map shows the location of every burrito bar highlighted in this post:

Tula Mexican Grill

Best for: People who like to choose their own burrito with quality, fresh ingredients.

The first entry on our list is the new kid on the block, Tula Mexican Grill. Trading from their first location in Temple Bar since 2022, and with a new store on Baggot Street since 2023, Tula have already cemented themselves as one of the finest burritos in the capital. With a focus on quality, fresh ingredients, and authentic Mexican flavours, they tick all the boxes for a tasty and satisfying burrito.

This burrito chain has a great range of options, including burritos, bowls, soft tacos, salads, and dedicated kids menu items. The meat on offer includes cage-free Irish chicken, steak, carnitas, barbacoa, as well as vegetarian and vegan protein options. We especially love the guacamole which is made fresh in store every day!

Every time we’ve dropped in for a burrito the line has moved extremely quickly, with the staff as efficient as they are friendly. The variety of ingredients to choose from is also excellent, which is perfect for people who love to mix up their burrito orders.

Apart from the quality burritos, the Tula team also have an eye for interior design, with warm, earthy colours adorning the walls in the Temple Bar store. We also love the communal table seating which really emphasises the casual and friendly vibes of the spot.

Location: 30 Essex Street East, Temple Bar, Dublin


El Grito Taqueria

Best for: Beautiful burritos in a sit-down restaurant.

If you’re in the mood for a sit-down burrito experience, look no further than El Grito Taqueria on Mountjoy Square. While the fast casual type burrito bars have their place, sometimes you really need to take some time to appreciate the finer points of Mexican cuisine with a restaurant-quality burrito.

El Grito is without a doubt the best Mexican restaurant in Dublin, and by extension their burritos are absolutely top notch. Alongside the usual chicken, chili con carne, barbacoa and carnitas, they also offer pastor (pork with chilis and spices), an intriguing option for those looking to try something new.

Lovers of hot salsas can also brave the fiery ‘Infierno’ salsa, guaranteed to burn your tastebuds to a crisp!

Location: 20 Mountjoy Square East, Mountjoy, Dublin


Mama’s Revenge

Best for: Delicious burritos at a great price.

Situated in the heart of the city adjacent to Trinity College, Mama’s Revenge is an independent burrito bar that serves up tasty and high-quality burritos, burrito bowls, quesadillas, nachos, and chilli. On offer are chicken, chorizo, and beef, as well as several vegetarian options such as sweet potato and aubergine.

That the burrito bar is a huge hit with the nearby students and office workers is testament to the quality and excellent value for money of its food. 

Location: 12 South Leinster Street, Dublin



Best for: Making up your own burrito from a range of quality ingredients.

The next entry on our list is Tolteca, a chain of burrito bars that has grown to 3 locations across Dublin since 2011. Our favourite location is the original burrito bar on Baggot Street in the south city centre, which first opened back in 2011. The small but well designed interior with large, communal tables is the perfect spot to devour one of their delicious burritos, if you can get a seat! During the lunchtime rush hour, the queue can often be out the door. 

Tolteca’s menu includes the usual suspects of burritos, burrito bowls, and tacos, with a choice of steak, chicken, beef, and pork, as well as vegan and vegetarian offerings. They have a focus on serving only the highest quality produce, and hand-make their superb guacamole. No matter which of their locations you try, you’re guaranteed an excellent burrito.

Location: 38 Upper Baggot Street, Dublin



Best for: Huge burritos that are guaranteed to have you leaving with a smile.

The undisputed king of the Dublin burrito scene, the burrito bar chain Boojum have no less than 7 locations across the city. Their success and popularity are down to the indisputable fact that they make some of the biggest and most delicious burritos in Dublin, offering great value for money and excellent quality food.

Boojum’s menu includes burritos, burrito bowls, nachos, tacos, and salads, with a wide range of meat and vegetarian options available.  

A full list of Boojum locations in Dublin can be found here.


Mr. Burrito

Best for: Trying new Mexican food options with plenty to go around.

A relative newcomer to the Dublin burrito scene, Mr. Burrito certainly put on a strong showing! Although the name is a bit naff, this North side burrito bar in Drumcondra actually makes pretty solid burritos, bowls, and sides. For sheer range of Mexican food on offer, Mr. Burrito has most of the other spots beat!

For starters, there’s a good range of choices available for their burritos, fajita burritos, bowls, and tacos – chicken, chili con carne, barbacoa, carnitas, and a vegetarian selection. On top of that you can also opt for chimichangas, heuvos rancheros, quesadillas, and nachos if you’re looking for something a bit out of the ordinary. If that wasn’t enough, they also do a whole range of sides, from wings to dirty fries. While it most definitely not a Chipotle-style ‘pure’ burrito bar, you can’t say it isn’t fun!

We found the portions to be very generous on our visit, so there’s no fear of leaving Mr. Burrito with a rumbling stomach.

Location: 86 Drumcondra Road Upper, Drumcondra, Dublin


Pablo Picante

Best for: Choosing from a range of delicious preset burrito recipes.

Last but by no means least on our list is the Pablo Picante chain of burrito bars. Out of their 3 locations across Dublin, our favourite is the burrito bar and torta house on Clarendon Market, close to the busy shopping area of Grafton Street. 

Unlike the other burrito bars on the list, Pablo Picante offer several fully-formed burrito options to choose from, rather than having customers pick out individual ingredients from a line. However, customers can choose to tailor their chosen burrito to suit their needs. Our favourite touch in their burrito-making process is that all burritos are lightly grilled once wrapped, resulting in a warm and ever so slightly crunchy exterior.

In addition to their mouth-watering burritos, Pablo Picante also offer quesadillas, paleo boxes in all locations and tortas (Mexican-style sandwiches) in their Clarendon Market location.  

Location: 4 Clarendon Market, Dublin


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