The 5 Best Places For Burgers In Dublin In 2023

Last updated on March 6th, 2023 at 04:41 pm

The perfect burger is a straightforward concept in theory, but deceptively difficult to pull off in reality. Fortunately, there are several Dublin restaurants that approach perfection with every burger they make. 

In this post, we share the 5 best places for burgers in Dublin in 2023.

Map of Restaurants

The following map shows the location of every restaurant highlighted in this post:


“Do one thing, and do it well’ – Bunsen have taken this phrase to heart and created the ultimate burger experience. Bunsen’s refreshingly compact menu features only burgers, fries, and drinks. Choose either a hamburger or cheeseburger (plus toppings), handcut or shoestring fries, and a soda, milkshake or beer. 

Bunsen’s burgers are cooked ever so slightly rare for an extra-succulent patty, however you can request yours well done. 

Location: 36 Wexford St, Saint Peter’s, Dublin



BuJo’s make burgers that are simple but delicious. Located in the Dublin suburb of Sandymount, the restaurant use only the freshest ingredients for the burger toppings and the fluffiest brioche buns around. 

BuJo is also known for its indulgent shakes including salted caramel and apple crumble and chocolate and white chocolate chip flavours. 

Location: 6A Sandymount Green, Dublin 



Though primarily known for their excellent steaks, Featherblade also produce some of the best burgers around. Served with caramelised onions and béarnaise sauce, this is a burger you can really get your teeth into.

The beef dripping chips are also not to be missed at Featherblade.

Location: 51B Dawson Street, Dublin


BoBo’s Burgers

Big, delicious patties are the hallmarks of BoBo’s Burgers, a burger chain with locations across the the city centre. With a huge range of burgers to choose from, there are tastes on offer for every burger lover.

Location: 50-51 Dame Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 



The final name on our list is Wowburger, a newcomer to the Dublin burger scene. Although the chain, with several locations across the city, are by no means veteran purveyors of burgers, they offer up some of the most satisfying burgers in the city.

Wowburger serve up food reminiscent of the golden era of McDonald’s with a decor and vibe to match. We recommend their delicious, chunky milkshakes to go with their classic burgers and fries. To seal the deal, Wowburger offer some of the best value burgers in the country.

Location: 16 Wexford Street, Saint Peter’s, Dublin


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