The Best Chinese Restaurants In Dublin

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From delicious dumplings to sizzling fried rice to mouthwatering pork and lamb, Chinese cuisine is known the world over for its range of dishes and unique flavours. Thankfully, there are several outstanding Chinese restaurants in Dublin that serve up authentic, flavourful Chinese food. From humble yet charming noodle joints to ornate and elegant dining rooms, there is a huge range of excellent Chinese restaurants to choose from.

In this post, we share the best Chinese restaurants in Dublin.

Map of Restaurants

The following map shows the location of every restaurant highlighted in this post:

Good World Chinese Restaurant

That Good World Chinese Restaurant has been a mainstay of George’s Street in the city centre for years is a testament to the high quality of its food. The restaurant serves up excellent Cantonese-style food in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

The dim sum lunch is particularly excellent, with the dumplings made fresh in-house.

More information can be found here.

Location: 18 South Great George’s Street, Dublin

China Sichuan

Located in the South Dublin suburb of Sandyford, China Sichuan is known for its high-quality food, extensive and authentic menu, and professional and helpful staff. As the name suggests, the restaurant specialises in Sichuan-style dishes from the Southwest of China. 

Location: The Forum, Sandyford Industrial Estate, Ballymoss Rd, Sandyford, Dublin


Hang Dai

Source: Hang Dai

Don’t let the simple, Chinese takeaway exterior of Hang Dai fool you – hidden away inside is one of the most stylish restaurants in the city. With low, neon lighting, the restaurant exudes an urban, futuristic cool. 

However, Hang Dai is no example of style over substance. The restaurant is famous for its duck, which is free-range and locally source, and which is cooked to perfection over an open fire. The pork dumplings and prawn toast are also highly recommended.

Location: 20 Camden Street Lower, Saint Peter’s, Dublin



Source: Duck

Situated on Dublin’s lively Fade Street in the centre of the city is Duck, an authentic Hong Kong-style barbecue restaurant. The secret to Duck’s tender and delicious meat is their ‘bullet oven’, which circulates heat evenly around the meat hung up inside the oven.

Location: 15 Fade Street, Dublin



Source: Mak

Mak restaurant in the South Dublin suburb of Ranelagh offer a range of authentic Hong Kong-style dim sum dishes and other Chinese classics. The stunning interior guarantees a relaxing and sophisticated dining experience.

Mak is also known for its range of decadent cocktails, including the adventurous cucumber and wasabi martini. 

Location: Cullenswood Gardens, Ranelagh, Dublin



Conveniently located right in the centre of the city off O’Connell Street, M&L serve up classic Chinese and Sichuan dishes in a simple yet elegant dining room. 

Location: 13/14 Cathedral Street, Dublin


Lee’s Charming Noodles

The final entry on our list is Lee’s Charming Noodles, located on Parnell Street in the city centre. This delightful noodle joint serve up some of the best noodles in Dublin and offer amazing value. 

Location: Number 105, Parnell Street, Dublin


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