The Best Dog-Friendly (Off Leash) Parks In Dublin In 2023

Last updated on March 6th, 2023 at 04:39 pm

The prevalence of dog parks in the United States is a huge boon to dog owners and their beloved four-legged friends. Dedicated dog parks make it easy for owners to let their dogs exercise safely and socialise with other dogs.

While dog-only parks are not quite as common in Dublin, in recent years a number of parks across the city have designated specific sections for dogs to roam and play off-leash. While socialising with other dogs can be beneficial, owners should keep an eye on their dogs at all times to ensure their safety.

In this post we share the best dog-friendly (off leash) parks in Dublin in 2023.

Map of Parks

The following map shows the location of every park highlighted in this post:

Corkagh Park

Corkagh Park in Clondalkin has a secure off-leash area for dogs to run wild safely. There are also water facilities available for dogs to cool down after their activity.

Location: Naas Road, Newlands Cross, Dublin

Saint Anne’s Park

Located on the North Dublin coast, Saint Anne’s Park is off-leash from opening until 11am and for the last hour before closing. There is also a dedicated section where dogs can be off-leash throughout the day. 

Location: Clontarf East, Raheny, Dublin

Malahide Demesne

Dogs are welcome on-leash in Malahide Demesne adjacent to Malahide Castle. There is an off-leash section where dogs can run free. 

Location: Malahide, Dublin

Griffeen Valley Dog Park

Griffeen Valley Park in the west of the city has a dedicated dog park within the main park area. While small, the dog park can be a good spot for dogs to meet other canines. 

Location: Esker South, Lucan, Dublin

Killiney Hill Park

Killiney Hill Park in the village of Killiney in South Dublin is an off-leash designated park. This spot is the perfect place for a bracing walk with your canine friend with sea views over Dublin Bay and bracing saltwater air. 

Location: Killiney Hill, Scalpwilliam, Dublin

Marley Park

Similarly to Killiney Hill Park, Marley Park in South Dublin is also an off-leash designated park. This expansive park is the perfect place for dogs that need room to roam. 

Location: Grange Road, Rathfarnham, Dublin

Irish National War Memorial Gardens

The Irish National War Memorial Gardens in Kilmanham, close to the Phoenix Park, is an off-leash park where dogs are free to roam unencumbered. 

Location: Island Bridge, Ushers, Dublin

Shanganagh Park

The final entry on our list is Shanganagh Park on the Dublin-Wicklow border in South Dublin. Like Marley Park and Killiney Hill Park, Shanganagh Park is an off-leash designated park. 

Location: Shankill, Dublin

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