The Best Autumn Walks In Dublin

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Autumn is a wonderful time for long walks through nature, whether in the city or the countryside. Feeling the earth beneath your feet and breathing in crisp autumnal air benefits us both physically and mentally. 

Fortunately, Dublin has a wealth of excellent walks that are at their best in autumn, from rambles along rivers and canals to leisurely strolls in the city’s many parks. 

In this post, we share the best autumn walks in Dublin.

Map of Walks

The following map shows the location of every walk highlighted in this post:

Saint Anne’s Park

In autumn the ash, elm, and horse chestnut trees of Saint Anne’s Park are turning shades of gold, brown, and orange, which makes the park the perfect place for an afternoon stroll on a crisp, clear day. Keep an eye out for the many follies of the park, including the Temple of Isis, the Clock Tower, and Saint Anne’s Well. 

The park is also the perfect spot for a picnic.

Location: Clontarf East, Raheny, Dublin


The charming seaside village of Dalkey, situated to the south-east of Dun Laoghaire in South Dublin, is the perfect spot for an autumn ramble along the coast. The classic route is to start in the centre of the village and head north to Bullock Harbour for some stunning views over Dublin Bay, before turning south-east and trekking along the coast to Sorrento Park. From Sorrento Park you can turn west and follow the road back to Dalkey for some well-deserved refreshments.

Location: Dalkey, Dublin

Bushy Park

Located in the South Dublin suburb of Terenure, Bushy Park is another of the city’s park that arguably looks best as the cold days of autumn start to draw in. The deciduous tree cover of the park can be savoured on the well-trodden loop around the park that takes you in and around the river Dodder.

Location: Terenure, Dublin

The Dodder Walk

From Bushy Park, a paved walking trail called The Dodder Walk follows the river Dodder north-east towards the South Dublin suburbs of Dartry and Milltown. The walk is particularly spectacular in autumn, with weeping willows lining the river and sleepy Dublin suburbs passing by on either side under the deciduous trees. 

Location: Bushy Park, Terenure to Milltown, Dublin

The Great South Wall

For a different kind of walk, a stroll along the Great South Wall is sure to sweep away any autumn cobwebs. Built in the 18th century to deal with the issue of silt blocking access to the river Liffey, the wall juts out more than 4 kilometres into Dublin Bay. The fresh, bracing sea air is the perfect tonic to counteract the darkening evenings of autumn.

Poolbeg Lighthouse at the tip of the wall dates back to 1767 and is still in use today. 

Location: South Wall, Poolbeg, Dublin

The Grand Canal

For a leisurely autumnal wander, simply follow the Grand Canal as it meanders through South Dublin. The copious tree cover on either side of the canal results in a cacophony of colour during the autumn months.

We recommend starting from the Mespil Road area of the canal and following the water west through the city.

Location: Mespil Road, Dublin

Carrickgollogan Forest Walk

The Carrickgollogan Forest Walk is a marked forest trail located in South Dublin on the border with County Wicklow. The route offers beautiful views of the Wicklow Mountains, and takes you near the chimney of an old lead mine that operated in the area. 

Location: Phrompstown, Murphy’s Lane, Dublin

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