The Best Places To Learn To Scuba Dive In Dublin

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There can be few activities as exciting and rewarding as taking a trip underneath the ocean on a scuba dive. The beautiful and mysterious world under the waves that is usually hidden from our sight is opened up for exploration. While relatively overlooked by the international scuba diving community, the waters around Ireland hold many treasures worth exploring, with some of the finest diving spots in the country to be found off the coast of Dublin. 

Thankfully, there is a multitude of options to choose from for those looking to take their first trip to the deep. The best option is generally to join one of the many sub-aqua clubs in the city. The scuba season in Ireland runs from March to October, however a lot of clubs gather year round, with pool training sessions taking place during the off-season. That said, there are the hardy few who dive throughout the year.

In this post, we share the best places to learn to scuba dive in Dublin.

Map of Places

The following map shows the location of every place highlighted in this post:

Irish Scuba Academy

The Irish Scuba Academy run courses for complete beginners, taking them through their first dive in a pool setting, to open water dives in Dun Laoghaire harbour in South Dublin. 

For those who are on the fence about scuba diving and don’t want to commit to an ocean dive, the academy run taster sessions in a pool setting to experience a dive in a controlled environment. This option is perfect for those looking to dive without the commitment of joining a club.

Location: Block 5, Irish Life Recreation Centre, Northumberland Square, Abbey St Lower, Dublin


The Curragh Sub-Aqua Club

The Curragh Sub-Aqua Club is one of the oldest scuba diving clubs in Dublin, having been established in 1958. The club accept members of every level of experience, with novice divers being trained by veteran members of the club. 

Membership of the club covers every dive that takes place during the season, which makes for excellent value if you are able to make the majority of the dives. The club run an average of three dives a week during the diving season.

One of the many benefits of joining the club is that the clubhouse is right on the water at Sandycove in South Dublin. 

Location: Sandycove Avenue West, Dun Laoghaire, Dublin


Kish Sub-Aqua Club

The Kish Sub-Aqua Club have been diving since 1986. The club train in the Guinness Pool on Watling Street every week and hold weekly dives in Dublin Bay during the scuba diving season. The club welcome members of all levels of scuba diving experience.

In addition to the weekly dives in Dublin, the club also organise trips abroad to dive at international scuba hotspots.

Location: Guinness Bicentenary Pool, Watling Street, Dublin 8


True Blue Sub-Aqua Club

The True Blue Sub-Aqua Club also train in the Guinness Pool on Watling Street. The club are known for their fun-loving attitude to scuba diving and run courses for beginners.

Location: Guinness Bicentenary Pool, Watling Street, Dublin 8


Viking Sub-Aqua Club

The Viking Sub-Aqua Club operate from the Coolmine Sports & Leisure Centre in North Dublin and have been diving together since 1976. The club accept trainee members who are brought up to speed in pool sessions before taking their first dive in the ocean. 

The club run several dives a week during the scuba season, with some members diving all year round. 

Location: Coolmine Sports & Leisure Centre, Grove Road, Dublin


Portmarnock Sub-Aqua Club

The Portmarnock Sub-Aqua Club have been diving since 1983. The club run weekly dives during the scuba season and regularly organise trips abroad to dive in exotic locations around the world. The club train weekly and have an active social scene. 

Beginners looking to try their first dive are welcome to attend the club’s pool sessions.

The club are also active on Facebook.

Location: Portmarnock Sports and Leisure Centre (PSLC), Blackwood Lane, Portmarnock, Dublin


Dalkey Scubadivers

Two people scuba diving

Source: Dalkey Scubadivers

The final club on our list are the Dalkey Scubadivers, who have been active since 1976. The club run courses for beginners and welcome members of all experience levels. 

As their name would suggest, the club most often dive in Dalkey Bay off the coast of South Dublin.

Location: Dun Laoghaire Marina, Harbour Road, Dun Laoghaire, Dublin


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