The Best Butchers In Dublin in 2023

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Sourcing your meat supplies from a local, high-quality butcher can have huge advantages over picking it up in a supermarket. Good butchers can advise on which cuts of meat will suit your needs and how best to cook them to achieve perfection. In addition, it’s typically easier to get your hands on the more unusual types and cuts of meat that aren’t always on offer in supermarkets. 

Fortunately, there are a number of excellent butchers in Dublin, including classic establishments that have been trading for generations, to newer craft butchers aiming to invigorate overlooked cuts of meat.

In this post, we share the best butchers in Dublin in 2023.

Map of Butchers

The following map shows the location of every butchers highlighted in this post:

FX Buckley

The FX Buckley butcher shop on Moore Street harks back to the golden age of Dublin street trading. The affable and knowledgeable staff carry on the traditions of the good-natured street traders that ply their trade in the city centre to this day. Established in 1930, the store carries on a long history of providing high-quality meat to the people of Dublin.

As well as providing a fine selection of meats, including hard to find cuts of offal such as oxtail, the butchers also sell a range of pre-packaged meats. Of these, their breakfast packs of sausages, pudding, and eggs are the best known and offer excellent value. 

Location: 61 Moore Street, Dublin


Higgins Family Butchers

Source: Higgins Family Butchers

Higgins Family Butchers have been in operation since 1880, and have been trading from their butcher shop in Sutton in North Dublin since 2013. The well-appointed interior includes a window into the interior of the butchers where the carcasses are on full display while they mature. This dedication to transparency is just one of the butcher’s many qualities.

The butchers stocks a wide range of classic cuts, including breakfast meats, speciality sausages, wild game, and an assortment of high-quality pies and ready meals made. 

Location: 2 Sutton Cross, Sutton, Dublin


Ennis Butchers

Source: Ennis Butchers

Ennis Butchers in the South Dublin neighbourhood of Rialto are known for their excellent high-quality burgers and choice cuts of steak. In addition to the great range of meat on offer, they also provide a range of artisan Irish foodstuffs from small local producers.

Location: 463 South Circular Road, Rialto, Dublin


Lawlors Butchers

Source: Lawlors Butchers

Located in Rathmines in South Dublin, Lawlors Butchers have a huge range of meat on offer in their gleaming butcher shop. They are perhaps best known for their excellent range of prepared meats such as their speciality sausages, stuffed chickens, and homemade kebabs. 

More information on the butchers can be found here.

Location: 143 Upper Rathmines Road, Dublin

Brady’s Butchers

Brady’s Butchers is a small chain of family-run butcher shops that source their meat from quality farms near Dublin. In fact, their beef, pork, and lamb come from their very own farm in County Meath. 

This second-generation butchers serve high-quality produce with superb customer service at prices that represent excellent value. 

Location: 28 Annesley Bridge Road, Clontarf West, Dublin


James Whelan Butchers

With several locations across the city, James Whelan Butchers proudly carry on a generations-old tradition of providing quality, responsibly-sourced Irish meat . The undoubted star of their range is their selection of beef cuts straight from their family farm. Of these, the Angus rib of beef on the bone is the most popular cut. 

Alongside the beef, the butchers has an excellent range of poultry, lamb, and pork, as well as other delicacies such as handmade white and black pudding.

Location: 6 Rathmines Road Lower, Rathmines, Dublin


The Village Butcher

The village in question in the name of The Village Butcher is the leafy South Dublin suburb of Ranelagh. Located right in the centre of Ranelagh village, the butchers provides a range of gourmet meat, covering beef, pork, poultry, and lamb, as well as more exotic selections including game meats such as venison, fowl, and even wild boar. 

Location: 44/46 Ranelagh, Dublin


Kerrigans Craft Butchers

Kerrigan’s Craft Butchers have been serving the people of Malahide in North Dublin since 1973. A trusted butcher providing high-quality, classic cuts of meat for decades, in recent years they have added to their repertoire by catering to health conscious customers. Their Food for Fitness range now provide delicious, healthy, and high-protein meat options to those looking to up their fitness game. 

Location: 7 Main Street, Malahide, Dublin


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