The Best Bubble Tea In Dublin In 2023

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Bubble tea (also known as boba tea, among other names) is a relatively new addition to the streets of Dublin. Created in Taiwan in the 1980’s, bubble tea became a local phenomenon before gradually making its way around the world. Since hitting the shores of Dublin, bubble tea is now firmly established in the capital, with several outlets serving up some excellent varieties of the delicious tea. 

Bubble tea is typically made by blending tea with juice or milk and assorted flavourings, and combining them with edible toppings. While the first bubble tea available in Taiwan back in the 1980’s was a simple milk tea with tapioca pearls, modern bubble tea cafes now offer a huge variety of tea and topping types. Although the classic black tapioca pearls are still one of the most popular toppings, countless types of toppings can be added, including assorted flavours of fruit pearls, fruit jelly, and pudding balls.

In this post, we share the best bubble tea in Dublin in 2023. 

Map of Bubble Tea Cafes

The following map shows the location of every bubble tea cafe highlighted in this post:


If you’re in the mood to try bubble tea and searching for a slick and stylish spot to do so, look no further than ChewBrew. Situated on Aungier Street in the city centre, ChewBrew’s bubble tea room is fun, minimalist, and sleek.

There’s more to ChewBrew than just good design though. Their bubble tea is the real deal, with only freshly brewed tea, fresh milk, and real fruit juice used in all of their drinks. The menu covers a range of bubble tea varieties, including milk tea, fruit milk tea, iced tea, and a matcha range to boot. ChewBrew also serve up regular iced coffee for anyone not adventurous enough for bubble tea. 

For a truly indulgent experience, choose from one of ChewBrew’s specials – flavours include salted caramel, cookies and cream, and toffee popcorn. This is bubble tea at its most flavoursome.

ChewBrew also have a second, smaller location at Dundrum Shopping Centre that offers bubble tea to go.

Location: 77 Aungier Street, Dublin



Kakilang’s sharp, joyful logo is not the only good thing about this new bubble tea cafe. Their excellent bubble tea is also a joy to behold. The cafe, which opened in 2020, serves up milk tea, fruit tea, and their patented Kakilang special range. The special range includes Yakult lime green tea, snow matcha, and brown sugar milk tea. The brown sugar milk tea is bubble tea perfection, a delicious, smoky, almost caramel-flavoured delight.

In addition to their fine bubble tea, Kakilang also offer mille crepes, cheesecake, and a small range of savoury items.

More information on Kakilang can be found here.

Location: 5 Bachelors Walk, Dublin

Only Oriental Bakery & Tea

Situated on busy Middle Abbey Street in Dublin city centre is Only Oriental Bakery & Tea, a hugely popular bubble tea cafe that serves up delicious drinks and snack foods.

Alongside their full range of bubble tea drinks, the cafe also make excellent sweet bubble waffles, savoury crispy chicken, and other lunchtime snacks. The green tea bubble tea with tapioca is particularly on point!

More information on Only Oriental Bakery & Tea, including opening hours, can be found here.

Location: 66 Middle Abbey Street, Dublin 1


18cTea is literally a hidden gem – the bubble tea purveyors ply their trade from the premises of the speciality food shop Super Asia Foods on Capel Street. Don’t let this stop you from trying their delicious bubble teas though. 18cTea only use fresh ingredients, have a dizzying array of toppings to choose from, and serve up some wonderfully well-presented drinks. 

Location: 27 Capel Street, Dublin


Oh!My Street Food

Conveniently located on Westmoreland Street in the heart of the city, Oh!My Street Food serve up some amazing bubble tea along with their range of Asian street food. Their range includes brown sugar milk tea, matcha milk tea, Thai style milk tea, and a range of fruit flavours.

Their friendly and efficient staff will have your bubble tea order in your hands in lightning speed, perfect for picking up a refreshing drink on your commute home.

Location: 4 Westmoreland Street, Dublin.


Ea-Tea Bubble Tea

The Ea-Tea Bubble Tea room on Parnell Street in the city centre is a cosy haven away from the world. Inside, Ea-Tea Bubble Tea serve up a huge range of amazing bubble teas, as well as an assortment of tasty sweet and savoury treats. 

Some of the bubble teas on offer include rose flavour and strawberry cheesecake flavour. For the more adventurous, we recommend the Three Brothers bubble tea, which contains pudding, tapioca, and grass jelly. 

More information on Ea-Tea Bubble Tea can be found here.

Location: 159 Parnell Street, Dublin


Next up on our list is YumCha, a charming and cosy bubble tea room on Capel Street in the city centre. YumCha serve up a great range of drinks, including classic milk tea, fruit tea, fruity iced teas, and iced coffee. Alongside the drinks, they also offer a good choice of toppings, including popping boba, caramel pudding, aloe vera, and coconut jelly. 

More information on YumCha can be found here.

Location: 47 Capel Street, Dublin

Sweet House Bubble Tea

Nestled in the city centre on Abbey Street Upper is Sweet House Bubble Tea, a bubble tea house that offer a wide range of teas and toppings at great value. Whether you’re after a refreshing fruit tea like a grapefruit jasmine tea, or a more indulgent tea such as brown sugar milk tea, Sweet House Bubble Tea have you covered.

More information on Sweet House Bubble Tea can be found here.

Location: 39 Abbey Street Upper, Dublin


Last but certainly not least, the Vietnamese pho restaurant Aobaba on Capel Street also serve up some wonderful bubble tea. Even if you’re not in the mood for a warm bowl of comforting soul food, you can pop in to get some fine bubble tea to go.

Location: 46A Capel Street, Dublin


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