The Best Coffee Bean Shops In Dublin

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For millions of people around the world, a high-quality, freshly brewed cup of coffee in the morning is non-negotiable. While many people are happy to brew with ground coffee, more and more coffee aficionados are starting to grind their own coffee for the ultimate coffee experience. 

Grinding up coffee beans for some freshly ground coffee to go in your cafetière can improve your coffee experience in many ways. First of all, as with most food items, freshly grounded coffee simply results in a better brew compared to coffee that was ground several weeks or even months ago. Secondly, grinding your own coffee allows you to choose the size of the coffee grounds, which is useful if you like to make coffee using different methods which may require differently-sized grounds. 

It’s becoming increasingly common for supermarkets to stock coffee beans and not just ground coffee. However, for a better range of beans to choose from and to ensure that you buy only freshly roasted coffee beans, it can pay to buy your beans at a speciality coffee bean shop or through an online store. 

In this post we share the best coffee bean shops in Dublin.

Map of Coffee Bean Shops

The following map shows the location of every coffee bean shop highlighted in this post:

J. J. Darboven

Source: J. J. Darboven

One of the finest coffee bean shops in the country is J. J. Darboven in Dun Laoghaire. The store is an Irish subsidiary of the international coffee roasters J. J. Darboven, run by the Mongey family since 1989. The store sells a wide range of coffee beans, ground coffee, and tea. The store also doubles as a roastery and barista school. 

In addition to being a coffee bean goldmine, J. J. Darboven also serve fresh coffee from their coffee bar in store. 

Location: 64 Lower Georges Street, Dun Laoghaire, Dublin


Cloud Picker Coffee

Cloud Picker Coffee are an Irish micro coffee roastery that have operated out of Sheriff Street in Dublin’s docklands area since 2013. The name originates from a visit that the founders took to coffee farms in Thailand to source coffee beans that were located high above the cloud-line. 

Cloud Picker Coffee’s dedication to sourcing quality coffee beans doesn’t stop at visiting producers, but extends to every facet of coffee, from farm to cup. All of their coffee is roasted weekly to order at the perfect temperature to extract the subtle, delicious flavours from the coffee beans. 

Cloud Picker Coffee’s speciality coffee beans can be purchased on their online store or at their cafe on Pearse Street.

Location: 42 Pearse Street, Dublin


Badger & Dodo

Badger & Dodo are a boutique Irish coffee roastery that sell a wide range of excellent freshly roasted coffee beans online on their website. Established by Brock Lewin in 2008, the roastery has undergone numerous upgrades over the years in pursuit of coffee perfection. The current setup makes use of so called ‘3rd wave’ roasting techniques that involve roasting the coffee beans in smaller batches in order to better control the temperature, ensuring perfect consistency.

Badger & Dodo stock a very wide range of excellent coffee beans on their online store. In addition, they offer a brilliantly convenient coffee subscription service that posts freshly roasted coffee beans to your door. You can choose from weekly, fortnightly, or monthly plans depending on how many daily cups of coffee you get through. 



Source: 3fe

3fe needs no introduction to the coffee aficionados of Dublin. The cafe and roastery chain serve up some of the best coffee in the city.

Established in 2009, 3fe stands for Third Floor Espresso, in homage to the 3rd floor apartment in which the chain’s founder Colin Harmon experimented with coffee blends that would later be enjoyed by the coffee lovers of Dublin.

Thankfully for fans of 3fe’s coffee, the cafe sell their own freshly roasted coffee beans to take home. You can buy their amazing coffee in their cafes on Grand Canal Street Lower in the city centre and Sussex Terrace in Dublin 4 or online on the 3fe website. 

Location: 32 Grand Canal Street Lower, Dublin


Clement & Pekoe

Source: Clement & Pekoe

It is hard to match the sheer coffee knowledge and expertise on offer at Clement & Pekoe. The Irish coffee and tea vendors can be found at their flagship cafe and retail store on South William Street or their second cafe on Blessington Street in North Dublin. 

The knowledgeable staff at Clement & Pekoe will happily guide you through the various coffee beans on offer, and can recommend certain roasts depending on your tastes. 

Location: 50 South William Street, Dublin


Two Fifty Square

Source: Two Fifty Square

Two Fifty Square are all about great coffee, plain and simple. The independent Irish coffee chain operate from two cafe locations in Rathmines and Ranelagh and a roastery and cafe in Terenure. The Two Fifty Square cafe and roastery is the heart of the operation, providing freshly roasted coffee beans for use in the chain’s cafes as well as being sold to the public online and in store.

Their extensive selection of coffee beans online are available in 250g or 1kg bags, and include coffee from Guatemala, Peru, Rwanda, and Honduras. 

Location: 10 Williams Park, Rathmines, Dublin


Proper Order Coffee Co.

The Proper Order Coffee Co. cafe in Smithfield is a popular haunt for Dublin coffee lovers. Established by champion barista Niall Wynne, the cafe is known for outstanding espresso and their ingeniously flavoured lattes. The cafe uses only high-quality coffee beans sourced from the finest coffee growing regions in the world.

Proper Order Coffee Co. sell a range of their house beans directly to the public on their website. The site goes into great detail in describing each type of coffee available, which should help ensure that you get the perfect cup of coffee for your own unique taste. 

Location: 7 Haymarket, Smithfield, Dublin


Shoe Lane 

Shoe Lane take their name from the former use of their cafe building on Tara Street, which was once home to a cobblers shop before it became filled with the aroma of good coffee and the sounds of frothing milk. 

They sell a range of gourmet coffee beans from their website, with their current espresso roast always available to buy. 

Location: 7 Tara Street, Dublin


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