The Best Hot Pot In Dublin

Last updated on August 5th, 2022 at 08:43 pm

Hot pot, the traditional Chinese cooking method of dipping meat, vegetables and other ingredients into simmering broth, is one of the best meals to enjoy during the autumn and winter months. Nothing is better at warding off the cold than gathering together around the warming pot of broth with an array of delicious food in front of you to sample and savour. 

Although originally from China, the dish has variants from many Asian countries, including Cambodia, Thailand, and the Philippines. At the centre of the meal is the large pot of broth, into which each person dips their desired ingredients. A variety of meat, seafood, tofu, and vegetables can be cooked in the broth, before being dipped in a range of sauces and enjoyed. 

Thankfully, Dubliners looking to try this unique and delicious dining experience have a few options to choose from. 

In this post we share the best hot pot in Dublin.

Map of Hot Pot Restaurants

The following map shows the location of every hot pot restaurant highlighted in this post:


Hilan Chinese & Korean Restaurant on Capel Street is one of the best spots in the city for a no fuss, traditional Chinese style meal. The restaurant is known for the generous portions of its spicy, authentic Chinese dishes. Hilan’s hot pot is no exception, with the full communal hot pot experience on offer.

There are two broth options available, the regular broth and a spicy version. Once you’ve made your choice, you can proceed to order from a wide range of meat, seafood, vegetables, and dumplings to cook and devour. 

Beyond the food available, Hilan also offer a karaoke experience for those looking to let loose and sing the night away.

More information on Hilan can be found here.

Location: 45 Capel Street, Dublin 


Lao Chinese and Korean BBQ Restaurant is another excellent choice for hot pot in Dublin. The restaurant serve up real Chinese and Korean cuisine with minimum fuss. 

For their hot pot, the restaurant offers a range of broth to choose from, along with a mixture of meat and seafood, including lamb, beef, pork, or chicken. An array of further ingredients are also available to add to your plate such as noodles, seaweed, tofu, and vegetables.

While the hot pot is the star of the show at Lao, the Korean BBQ and grilled meat dishes are also highly recommended. 

More information on Lao can be found here.

Location: 102 Parnell Square, West Rotunda, Dublin

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