The 9 Best Cocktail Bars In Dublin

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There are few things in life that compare to sipping an earth-shatteringly good cocktail to celebrate the end of a long week. In recent years cocktail making has reached new heights of excellence, exploring fantastic new flavour combinations and embracing wild and wonderful ingredients. Avocado mousse, lavender syrup, lemongrass, and vanilla sugar are just some of the exotic ingredients that can be seen on the menus of cocktail bars nowadays alongside old classics such as margaritas, pina coladas, and cosmopolitans. 

Happily, Dublin has a great selection of stylish and innovative cocktail bars serving up a range of amazing cocktails. 

In this post, we share the 9 best cocktail bars in Dublin.

Map of Cocktail Bars

The following map shows the location of every cocktail bar highlighted in this post:

Vintage Cocktail Club

The Vintage Cocktail Club in Temple Bar is probably Dublin’s most atmospheric cocktail bar. From the street the only outward sign of the cocktail bar is an enigmatic black door with the initials ‘VCC’ on it. However, ring the bell beside the door and you will be ushered into an authentic 1920’s speakeasy that exudes old-world charm and features retro touches such as antique furniture and a roaring fire. You’ll have no trouble finding a cosy nook to settle into with 3 floors and a rooftop terrace to choose from.

The extensive cocktail menu is segregated into historic periods, allowing patrons to sample cocktails from the dawn of the mixed drinks era in the middle ages, to 20th century classics like the daiquiri and the whiskey sour. Each and every drink is lovingly hand crafted by the expert, award-winning bar staff and made with only the finest ingredients.

Fine dining is also on offer at Vintage Cocktail Club, with an a la carte menu featuring pork belly, chilli prawn bruschetta, and duck leg. A brunch menu is served on the weekend. 

Location: 15 Crown Alley, Temple Bar, Dublin


Bar 1661

Bar 1661 has quickly become one of the finest cocktail bars in Dublin since opening in 2019. Named for the year that poitín was made illegal in Ireland, the bar pays homage to its namesake beverage by featuring the fiery Irish moonshine whiskey in over half of the cocktails on its extensive menu.

Located on Green Street, just off Capel Street on the north side of the city, the bar is decorated in a dark and smokey, yet sophisticated fashion, with plenty of cosy cubbyholes and booths in which to nestle with a cocktail or two. The 32 cocktails on the menu are ordered by year going back to 1661, with each cocktail’s ingredients tying into each period. Of the cocktails we’ve sampled, the Paperwork (linked to the year 1760) is a firm favourite, combining Teeling poitín, Valentia Island vermouth, Kinsale Atlantic Dry Mead, ‘Off the Cuffe’ marmalade citrus bitters, lavender, and soda into a fragrant and delicious taste experience.

The bar’s attention to detail and use of superior ingredients shine through in their Irish coffee (1940), which features Bushmills Black Bush whiskey, demerara cane sugar, and nutmeg.

Bar 1661 is guaranteed to become a regular haunt from the moment you take your first sip.

More information on Bar 1661 can be found here.

Location: 1 – 5 Green Street, Rotunda, Dublin

Peruke & Periwig

Tucked away on Dawson Street in the city centre is Peruke & Periwig, a mysterious and elegant cocktail bar housed in a former wig makers shop. Fashioned in the style of an 19th century mansion, the bar wears an air of heavy opulence with the liberal use of velvet furnishings, copper rails, and deep mahogany. 

Spread out over three floors, Peruke & Periwig a full bar service, including wine, draft and craft beers, and whiskeys. The cocktails, however, are very much the star of the show. The wide-ranging cocktail menu separates by taste, allowing you to choose something sweet and light (the ‘Pop’ range), complex (‘Soul’), or simply something classic (the ‘Golden Oldies’). 

No matter what cocktail you choose, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands. The staff at Peruke & Periwig are friendly, knowledgable, and reassuringly well versed in the art of cocktail making. Not only do the bartenders make each drink to order from scratch, but a lot of the ingredients are also made in-house, such as their fruit syrups which take up to two days to make. Among the exotic ingredients featured on the menu are chilli sugar, frangelico, elderflower, and rose water. 

Peruke & Periwig also do food, with meat and cheese boards available as well as a full dining menu serving modern Irish cuisine. 

For the ultimate experience in the art of cocktail making in plush surroundings, look no further than Peruke & Periwig.

Location: 31 Dawson Street, Dublin


The Blind Pig

Named for the slang term for Prohibition-era speakeasies, The Blind Pig is very much deserving of the name. A true hidden speakeasy located in a basement on Suffolk Street in the city centre, the bar can only be entered by making a reservation on their website or calling the bar directly for a last-minute visit. Regardless of how you reserve your seat, you will be inducted into a world of secret passwords, hidden entrances, and, last but not least, excellent cocktails.

Once inside, The Blind Pig exudes class and elegance, with mood lighting and open brick facades. The cocktail menu pulls no punches, featuring plenty of exotic, alluring, and downright delicious drinks, all freshly made by the resident bartenders. 

Food is also served here, with an a la carte menu of delicious Italian options available. Wine and beer are also on offer in addition to the extensive cocktail menu.

Location: Suffolk Street, Dublin



Michael J. Moran, affectionately known as Zozimus, was a street rhymer and poet of Dublin in the 19th century. One of the last wandering minstrels of Europe, today he gives his name to the bright, vibrant, and downright zany cocktail bar Zozimus in Centenary House on Anne’s Lane, just off Grafton Street. The bar is one of the most photographed spots in Dublin as the art installation The Umbrellas is located outside. The dozens of brightly coloured umbrellas that form a canopy above the narrow lane are emblematic of the colourful and playful nature of the cocktail bar. 

The centrepiece of the venue is the 360 degree bar, where expert bartenders whip up some stunning cocktails. The cocktail menu is split between the Zozimus signature cocktails, including a Polynesian daiquiri, a spicy margarita, and the Zozimus ultimate gin and tonic, and a solid range of old classics like mojitos, whiskey sours, and Moscow mules. 

A full range of beers, wine, spirits, and even poitin is available. Zozimus also serve up some great pizzas, bar snacks, and desserts. 

For delicious cocktails in an Instagram worthy setting, you can’t do much better than Zozimus.

Location: Centenary House, Anne’s Lane, Dublin 


The Ivy

As one of the most stylish and lavishly decorated spots in the city, it’s fitting that The Ivy serve up some luxurious and impressive cocktails. A member of the international Ivy Collection group of restaurants, the restaurant has been delighting customers since it opened in 2018. 

The restaurant is split by the impressive central bar with its beautiful onyx stone counter, from where the skilled bartenders meticulously fashion each cocktail to order. Of the cocktails on the menu, the salted caramel espresso martini, the blood orange margarita, and the chocolate dipped raspberry are hard to beat.  

In addition to the cocktails, The Ivy boasts an exhaustive drinks menu, featuring wine, spirits, beer, and cider. 

Location: 13 -17 Dawson Street, Dublin



NoLIta on South Great George’s Street in the city centre is a busy slice of New York City style and Italian cuisine rolled into one great package. This cocktail bar features sizzling decor, amazing pizza, pasta, and salads, and exceptional cocktails.

Of the cocktails on offer, the amore cocktail is not to be missed, blending strawberry infused Amaro Montenegro with lime, prosecco, strawberry, mint, and soda for an unforgettable taste sensation. 

Location: 64 South Great George’s Street, Dublin


The Little Pig

The penultimate name on our list is The Little Pig, the sister bar of The Blind Pig speakeasy. Another hidden cocktail bar, the Little Pig is the newer venue, but no less intriguing and mysterious than its sister bar. 

The cocktail menu is subject to periodic changes, sometimes to reflect the seasons, and sometimes to give things a little shake up. However, what remains constant is the bar’s commitment to serving quality cocktails that you won’t find anywhere else, all made with love, care, attention, and of course the finest ingredients. 

The Little Pig also serve an Italian themed menu, with dessert, and a full menu of beers, wines, and spirits. To secure your seat, book online on the Little Pig website. 

Location: Dublin 2


9 Below

The final name on our list is 9 Below, an intimate and sophisticated cocktail bar discreetly located in the former basement of the Stephen’s Green Club. The bar consists of four lavishly furnished rooms, dimly lit to create a warm and relaxing environment.

The cocktail menu features some cheekily named creations, such as the ‘Apple Bottomed Jeans’, ‘D.T.F.’, and the ‘Desperate Housewife’.  They also feature a cocktail of the month, with a new concoction featured regularly. 

Location: 9 St. Stephen’s Green, Dublin


FAQs About The Best Cocktail Bars In Dublin

What is the best cocktail bar in Dublin?

We think the Vintage Cocktail Club is the best cocktail bar in Dublin for its combination of killer cocktails and atmospheric ambience.

What cocktail bar in Dublin serves the best cocktails?

We love the cocktails served up at Bar 1661 for their exciting and adventurous combinations and out-of-this-world flavours.

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