The Best Dim Sum In Dublin

Last updated on August 5th, 2022 at 08:36 pm

Dim sum, the traditional Chinese dish of steamed dumplings, is a delicious and filling comfort food. Usually served by way of a selection of small plates, the dumplings are loaded with a variety of fillings, including seafood, meat, and vegetable options. 

Dim sum is believed to have originated in southern China, from where it spread to Hong Kong and then the rest of the world. Usually eaten as a brunch food, the dumplings were popular in tea rooms in China as a snack to accompany the pots of tea served up to tired travellers. 

Happily, there are several great restaurants in Dublin serving up excellent dim sum.

In this post we share the best dim sum in Dublin.

Map of Dim Sum Restaurants

The following map shows the location of every restaurant highlighted in this post:

Lucky Tortoise Dumpling Company

For dim sum in Dublin, it doesn’t get much better than the Lucky Tortoise Dumpling Company on Aungier Street in the city centre. This original and vibrant dim sum restaurant offers a dining experience like none other in the capital.

The menu centres around dim sum and the many other dishes that usually accompany it, including okonomiyaki (Japanese savoury pancakes), bao buns, and miso soup. The best way to dine at Lucky Tortoise Dumpling Company is to try the ‘All In Menu’, which serves up all of the dishes available at the restaurant. The full menu can be ordered in vegetarian and vegan versions. 

For a modern take on dim sum that remains authentic and downright delicious, look no further than Lucky Tortoise Dumpling Company.

Location: 8 Aungier Street, Dublin



Another Dublin restaurant that has perfected the art of dim sum is Mak in the South Dublin suburb of Ranelagh. Guided by the philosophy that ‘Life is simple and delicious’, Mak serve up high-quality, unfussy yet spectacular dim sum in refined and atmospheric surroundings. 

Among the dim sum delicacies on offer are steamed pork and prawn dumplings, spicy chicken potstickers (crispy dumplings), pork bao buns, and crab won tons. 

As well as their dim sum options, Mak also offer a wide range of traditional Chinese dishes. 

Location: Cullenswood Gardens, Ranelagh, Dublin


Little Dumpling

Little Dumpling are a small chain of cosy, comfortable, and welcoming dim sum restaurants. With four locations dotted around the capital and one in Bray in County Wicklow, you are sure to find a spot close to you to sample their fine dim sum dishes.

Little Dumpling manage to squeeze some amazing dim sum options onto their short and simple menu, including beef dumplings in teriyaki sauce, squid ink dumplings, and roast duck dumplings in hoisin sauce. Choose from a range of sides such as noodles, rice, and kimchi to go with your dumplings of choice. 

In keeping with the dim sum spirit, even the dessert option features dumplings, with deliciously moreish fried Nutella dumplings, marshmallows and vanilla ice cream. 

Locations: 28 Mary Street Little, Dublin; Drury Hall, 4 Stephen Street Lower, Dublin; Pembroke Square,  Dundrum Town Centre, Dublin; and 12 Patrick Street, Dun Laoghaire, Dublin.


Good World Chinese

Alfred Ma, the owner of Good World Chinese, is a man obsessed with dim sum. From the kitchen of his restaurant on George’s Street in the city centre come the most intricate and intriguing dim sum dishes that can be found anywhere in the world. 

Drawing from the rich Cantonese dim sum tradition, Good World Chinese serves up delicious dim sum varieties like siu mai (mixed meat dumplings), char sui buns (sweet roast pork), and har gow (prawn dumplings). 

For the ultimate in Cantonese dim sum, look no further than Good World Chinese.

Location: 18 South Great George’s Street, Dublin


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