The 9 Best Matcha Lattes In Dublin in 2023

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Although they’ve exploded in popularity in recent years, matcha lattes aren’t just a passing fad. In fact, matcha dates back over a thousand years to the Tang Dynasty of medieval China. The fine, green powder is made of ground green tea leaves, typically of the Camellia sinensis variety of tea plant. From China, the matcha tea ceremony spread to Japan, where it was enjoyed as a luxury good. 

While matcha tea was the original use of the fine, green matcha powder, the latte version of the drink has taken the world by storm over the past few years. Made with matcha tea powder instead of espresso, a matcha latte has a vivid green colour and complex, slightly bitter taste. When combined with steamed milk, the drink takes on a delicious, creamy complexion. 

There are three grades of matcha available:

  • Ceremonial grade matcha: the highest grade matcha powder available, ceremonial grade is used in Japanese and Chinese tea ceremonies and is typically ground with a traditional stone mill. It has a bright, vibrant green colour and the smoothest flavour. 
  • Premium grade matcha: this grade is also of very high-quality and is generally used for daily consumption, which is why it is sometimes called latte matcha grade.
  • Cooking grade matcha: while still fine to drink, cooking grade matcha is slightly more bitter than the other grades and is usually used in industrial food production. 

All of the cafes on our list use either ceremonial grade or premium grade matcha for a smooth, lightly bitter yet delicious matcha latte. 

In this post, we share the 9 best matcha lattes in Dublin in 2023.

Map of Matcha Latte Cafes

The following map shows the location of every cafe highlighted in this post: 


Nestled in the centre of the city on Drury Street, Kaph is practically synonymous with good coffee and good vibes. Kaph sources their coffee beans from the Irish roastery 3fe, with the founder of Kaph, Christopher Keegan, training as a barista at 3fe’s coffee shop. The cafe, which is spread out over two stories, used to be a clothes shop, and the space retains a lot of the shop’s original features, which contributes to the chic and minimalist vibe. 

The incredible matcha lattes served up in Kaph are a guaranteed showstopper. The cafe source their matcha from Koyu Matcha, Ireland’s premier supplier of high-quality matcha powder. Silky smooth with just a hint of delicate bitterness, there’s no doubt that Kaph should be your first stop in the city centre for a matcha latte. 

Kaph also serve up an inspiring range of delicious baked goods and treats to chow down on as you sip your coffee. 

Location: 31 Drury Street, Dublin


One Kinda Folk

Prepare to limber up to try the best matcha lattes in South Dublin – the coffee hatch One Kinda Folk is hidden away in a courtyard behind Yoga Dublin’s Ranelagh studio. Housed in a shed that once held yoga mats, the coffee hatch now serve up high-quality espresso drinks that can be savoured in the beauty of the picturesque courtyard, which is overlooked by a stunning ivy wall and has covered seating for rainy days.  

The undoubted star of the coffee menu is the matcha and lavender latte, a unique combination that stirs the senses and warms the soul. One Kinda Folk’s coffee beans are from 3fe, and their selection of pastries and treats are delivered fresh every day by local suppliers.

Location: 28a Dartmouth Road, Ranelagh, Dublin


Network Cafe

Matcha latte at Network Cafe

Network Cafe first opened its doors on Aungier Street in 2016 and immediately proved to be a sleek and stylish addition to the city centre’s cafes. The minimalist, sharp interior draws the eye, and happily the coffee they serve up is every bit as good as the design. 

Network Cafe serve up delicious matcha lattes using the Koyu Matcha brand, the same type used by Kaph. This latte was a beautifully balanced drink, with equal notes of bitter green tea and creamy, milky latte taste.

On top of the perfectly crafted matcha lattes, the standard of latte art on show is incredible. In all spheres, Network’s attention to detail and commitment to quality shines through.

Location: 39 Aungier Street, Dublin


Dublin Barista School

Dublin Barista School are definitely doing something right judging by the queue that can usually be found snaking out the door of the cafe. Located in the city centre on Anne Street just off Grafton Street, Dublin Barista School is the go to location for aspiring baristas and coffee addicts to learn everything there is to know about pulling the perfect shot of espresso.

Among the coffees on offer are an exquisite matcha latte, slightly sweet but with the perfect amount of residual bitterness and freshness. 

The cafe also offer a selection of quality baked good to accompany your matcha latte.

Location: 19a Anne Street South, Dublin 



Beanhive cafe on Dawson Street is a cosy and friendly little coffee spot in the centre of Dublin. Known for their excellent breakfasts, the cafe also serves up top notch coffee. 

The cafe serve up a mean matcha latte, with just the right amount of sweetness and bitterness, and a silky smooth finish. 

Location: 26 Dawson Street, Dublin 2



Tang operates two cafes in the city centre, one on Dawson Street and another on Abbey Street Lower. The small chain are know far and wide for their amazing breakfast and lunch food, and equally excellent coffee.

The chain serve up a quality matcha latte as part of their coffee range. 

Location: 23c Dawson Street, Dublin and 9a Abbey Street Lower, North City, Dublin


KC Peaches

Since opening its first cafe and commissary store on Pearse Street in 2006, KC Peaches has expanded to three more locations across the city centre. The chain is well-known for serving up restaurant level lunch food at cafe prices, along with exquisite coffee and pastries. 

The chain offer perfectly crafted matcha lattes, made with high-quality matcha powder and a range of milks. 

Location: 27 – 29 Nassau Street, Dublin; 35 – 37 St. Stephen’s Green, Dublin; and 54 Dame Street, Dublin.


Clement & Pekoe

It’s safe to say that Clement & Pekoe are obsessed about tea and coffee. The independent coffee and tea chain work out of two stores, a flagship cafe and retail store on South William Street, and a second location on Blessington Street on the north side that operates as a kombucha processing facility, business operations hub, and cafe all in one. 

The chain craft some excellent matcha lattes, using high-quality grade matcha. The chain have balanced the sweet and bitter flavours perfectly for maximum enjoyment. 

Clement & Pekoe also offer a range of baked goods to complement their matcha lattes.

Location: 50 South William Street, Dublin


Il Valentino Bakery & Cafe

Rounding out our list of the best matcha lattes in Dublin is Il Valentino Bakery & Cafe in Grand Canal Dock. The bakery is famous for its amazing bread, pastries and cakes, but also serve up a breathtakingly good matcha latte.

We would be remiss not to recommend picking up one of the bakery’s excellent croissants to enjoy while you sip your matcha latte.

Location: 5 Gallery Quay, Grand Canal Harbour, Dublin 


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