The Best Portuguese Tarts (Pasteis De Nata) In Dublin

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Portuguese tarts, or pasteis de nata in Portuguese, are one of the biggest exports to come out of Portugal in recent years. The delicious egg custard tarts are a staple in the Portuguese capital of Lisbon, and can be found in every bakery and cafe in the city. With their sweet, rich custard filling and flaky, delicate crust lightly dusted with cinnamon, it’s no wonder that the tart’s popularity has spread far beyond the borders of Portugal. 

The tarts trace back their origin to the Hieronymites Monastery in the town of Saint Mary of Bethlehem, outside Lisbon. For this reason, the tarts are also known as the ‘pastries of Bethlehem’, or ‘Pastéis de Belém’ in Portuguese. The monastery used a considerable quantity of egg whites to starch the habits of the friars and nuns, and as a result had a large amount of egg yolks at their disposal. As a result, the custard tart was born and quickly became a local sensation. 

When the monastery was closed down in 1834, the recipe was sold to a local sugar factory that started producing Portuguese tarts commercially in a purpose built bakery called the ‘Fábrica de Pastéis de Belém’. The bakery is still going strong today, selling over 20,000 tarts a day. 

Happily, the growing popularity of Portuguese tarts has led to a range of Irish bakeries and supermarkets stocking the delicious pastries. While it is almost impossible to match the perfection of the bakeries of Lisbon, the entrants on our list manage to make some pretty good Portuguese tarts to satisfy any cravings you might have between visits to Portugal!

In this post, we share the best Portuguese tarts (pasteis de nata) in Dublin.

Map of Portuguese Tart (Pasteis De Nata) Bakeries

The following map shows the location of every Portuguese tart bakery highlighted in this post:

The Bakery by The Cupcake Bloke

The Cupcake Bloke is the brainchild of Graham Herterich, an Irish baker who has a lifetime of food industry experience. In fact, Herterich comes from a long line of butchers, and was determined to work in the food industry from a young age. He duly trained as a chef before joining a coffee chain to oversee their bakery and savoury goods.

When the coffee chain closed its doors, Herterich seized the opportunity to set up something of his own, establishing The Cupcake Bloke with his partner Daithi Kelleher. After making a big impression with their cupcakes, cakes, and pastries, the pair set up a permanent home in their bakery in Rialto. The bakery quickly became famous for its delicious Portuguese tarts.

The perfectly caramelised tarts with their delicate crust and rich, yellow custard filling are certainly the closest thing to Portuguese tart perfection in the capital. For your pasteis de nata fix in Dublin, The Bakery by The Cupcake Bloke should be the first name on your list.

More information on The Bakery by The Cupcake Bloke can be found here.

Location: 461 South Circular Road, Rialto, Dublin

Cafe Lisboa

If you want something done properly, sometimes you have to go to the experts. In the case of pasteis de data, they don’t come more expert than the good folk at Cafe Lisboa on Mary Street Little in the city centre. The cafe specialises in Portuguese tarts, made in the traditional Lisbon way with love and care.

Since opening its doors in August 2022, the cafe has hugely impressed its customers with the flavour, texture, and authenticity of its tarts. The cafe serve up quality coffee, speciality tea, iced coffee, and soft drinks.

For a little taste of Lisbon in Dublin, make your way to Cafe Lisboa and bring an appetite!

Location: 28 Mary Street Little, North City, Dublin


Butlers Chocolate Cafe

The next name on our list is the popular coffee chain Butlers Chocolate Cafe. Famous for their downright decadent chocolates, the chain stock an equally delicious range of pastries, including Portuguese tarts. 

The chain’s Portuguese tarts definitely hit the mark, with a lovely crust, excellent filling texture and taste, and just the right amount of flakiness. These Portuguese tarts go down perfectly with a signature Butlers Chocolate Cafe mocha.

Location: The chain has over a dozen locations across Dublin, with city centre locations on Grafton Street, Wicklow Street, Henry Street and Dawson Street to name just a few.


Liberty Kitchen

Liberty Kitchen on Francis Street is a hidden gem of a cafe. Part of the revival that has taken place in The Liberties neighbourhood of Dublin in recent years, the cafe has a laidback, friendly vibe, and serves up excellent 3fe coffee that is freshly ground in-store. 

Along with their great coffee and lunch food, the cafe hosts some quality pastries, including great Portuguese tarts. With a lovely custard filling and good crust, the tarts will have you feeling the sun on your face in no time!

More information on Liberty Kitchen can be found here.

Location: 77 Francis Street, Dublin


The name Avoca in Dublin is almost a byword for luxury and quality. The Irish luxury goods chain’s in-house restaurant and cafes serve up some of the best food in the capital. 

As you’d imagine, Avoca’s take on the humble Portuguese tart elevates it to something bold and new, with a sprinkling of ripe fruits adorning the top of the pastry. The flavours are on point, with a nice crust and caramelised finish.

Location: The chain have a city centre location on 11-13 Suffolk Street, Dublin, and numerous other locations around County Dublin and beyond.


Bijou Deli

Bijou Deli in Rathgar have been delighting customers since they opened in 1993. The small, family run deli and cafe serve up some excellent grub for breakfast and lunch.

As part of their breakfast menu, the cafe offers a great Portuguese tart, served warm. With a great crust and delicious custard filling, this is a great choice for any Southsiders on the search for a pastel de nata.

Location: 49 Highfield Road, Rathgar, Dublin



Perhaps surprisingly, Tesco is the final name on our list of the best Portuguese tarts in Dublin. The supermarket chain beats out all of the other supermarket contenders, serving great Portuguese tarts with a nice filling and crust that offer tremendous value for money. 

If you’re looking to stock up on Portuguese tarts for your kitchen, look no further than Tesco’s offering.

Location: Citywide.

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