The Ultimate Guide To The Best Kebabs In Dublin

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Some nights out just call for a kebab. Juicy, messy, delicious kebabs prepared right in front of you in a chunky wrap, filled out with fresh salad and a cheeky side of chips – heaven! 

Thankfully, Dublin has its fair share of kebab restaurants, but it’s often tricky to track down a quality spot that won’t have you leaving with that queasy feeling. Good kebabs call for high-grade meat, fresh side salad ingredients, and fluffy, crispy chips cooked to perfection. 

We’ve sampled a host of kebab restaurants in the capital to come up with our ultimate list of the best kebab restaurants in Dublin. All of these kebab joints have stellar reputations for serving up top-notch grub packed with flavour. 

In this post, we share our ultimate guide to the best kebabs in Dublin.

Map of Kebab Restaurants in Dublin

The following map shows the location of kebab restaurant highlighted in this post: 


Best for: Experiencing kebab perfection in Dublin.

Going strong since first opening in Dublin in 2000, it’s no exaggeration to say that Zaytoon have perfected the art of the kebab. 

Since first opening their doors on Parliament Street in Temple Bar, the chain have opened a much-loved location in Camden Street along with 3 other spots outside the city centre in Swords, Ranelagh, and Sandyford. It’s no surprise that the chain has grown given the popularity of their kebabs and other Persian cuisine dishes. 

Zaytoon’s shish kebabs are available with chicken, beef, lamb, salmon, as well as classic koobideh (minced lamb and beef) and chicken koobideh. Our go to order is the marinated garlic lamb kebab with all the salad trimmings. 

There’s simply no better kebab in town! 

Locations: 14-15 Parliament Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2; 44-45 Lower Camden Street, Dublin 2.


Passion 4 Food 

Best for: Exquisite kebabs made the authentic Iranian way. 

The second entry on our list is a bit of an under-appreciated gem. Passion 4 Food, which opened its first restaurant on Clanbrassil Street and has since expanded to a second location on Camden Street, make some of the best kebabs in the city, hands down. 

Far from your average greasy kebab, Passion 4 Food’s kebabs are simply authentic and delicious Iranian cuisine, wrapped up in a perfect lavash bread package. 

We tried the Passion Special kebab for two the last time we visited the Clanbrassil , which is a great way to sample a lot of the menu at once. The special comes with koobideh, lamb and chicken shish, salad, rice and naan bread for a very reasonable price. 

Lovers of black tea should make sure to try the Special Kurdish tea while they’re here. 

It should be noted that the restaurant primarily accepts cash, so it’s worth it to have some banknotes on you if you’re paying a visit just in case card payments are out of order.

The latest updates from Passion 4 Food can be found here.

Locations: 27 Clanbrassil Street Lower, Portobello, Dublin; 24 Camden Street Lower, Saint Kevin’s, Dublin 8. 


Best for: Delicious kebabs in a sit-down dining setting. 

Falafel in Temple Bar serve more than just their namesake dish – this Middle Eastern style restaurant also serve up quality shish kebabs, as well as some of the best shisha in Dublin.

Generally, shish kebabs are made with chunks of meat and vegetables threaded onto a skewer, while a plain old kebab is made of meat and salad folded into lavash bread. Falafel’s shish kebab varieties include chicken, lamb, and a combination of both. 

For a relaxed and sophisticated kebab dinner in pleasant surroundings, look no further than Falafel. 

Location: 11 Essex St East, Temple Bar, Dublin


Hot Chilli

Best for: A tasty, filling kebab at a price that won’t break the bank.

It may not be the fanciest kebab joint in the city, but Hot Chilli sure do know how to serve up a mean kebab at lightning speed. This kebab spot is a favourite of kebab aficionados who want good food with no fuss.

Our favourite item on the menu is the beef and lamb mixed doner kebab with lettuce, onions, and tomato (and lashings of garlic sauce!). 

The staff are noticeably more friendly than in most other kebab spots in the city, which is a nice touch.

Location: Hot Chilli, Kevin Street Lower, Dublin

Turkish Kebab House

Best for: Late night tasty food at a great price. 

For quick and delicious takeaway style kebabs, it’s hard to beat Turkish Kebab House on Parnell Street Street. This kebab joint has been a stalwart of Parnell Street for many years and has served countless happy pubgoers, stag and hen night crowds, and humble kebab lovers. 

While the ordering system and general kitchen operations can be best described as ‘organised chaos’, Turkish Kebab House proves that sometimes a little disorder is needed to create something special! Their large and filling kebabs are simply quality after-pub grub, and are sure to put a smile on your face.

A good doner kebab for less than a tenner is simply a steal in this day and age!

Location: 133 Parnell Street, Rotunda, Dublin

Anatolia Turkish Kebab House

Best for: Great takeaway kebabs at a very reasonable price.

Anatolia Turkish Kebab House (not to be confused with Turkish Kebab House!) is another great takeaway kebab spot on Dorset Street. 

The portions are large, the meat is tender, and the price is most certainly right! We also love the chipper style chips that they serve on the side.

If you’re in the area after a few pints and fancy a filling meal, you could do a lot worse than here!

Location: 96 Dorset Street Upper, Inns Quay, Dublin 1


Best for: The best gyros (Greek-style kebabs) in Dublin.

The last entry on our list but by no means least is something a little different. Parea is one of the finest Greek restaurants in Dublin that specialises in gyros (Greek-style kebabs). 

While gyros are markedly different from the classic kebabs we all know and love, being meat and salad in a wrap they are similar enough for consideration by kebab aficionados looking for something new.

Calling the food cooked up by the talented chefs at Parea divine is an understatement. Their gyros are packed with juicy chicken, pork, lamb, and beef, filled out with fresh Greek salad in a warm and fluffy baked pita wrap. 

If you’re a kebab fan in Dublin, we wholeheartedly recommend a gyro from Parea. 

Locations: 55 Talbot Street, Mountjoy, Dublin 1


FAQs About The Best Kebabs In Dublin

Who does the best kebabs in Dublin?

In our opinion, there is no beating Zaytoon when it comes to kebabs in Dublin.

What are some other great kebab restaurants in Dublin?

We recommend Passion 4 Food, Falafel, and Hot Chilli for great kebabs in Dublin.

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