The Best Surf Spots In Dublin

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While the west of Ireland’s Atlantic coastline has some of the best surfing spots in the world, the east coast is not quite as blessed when it comes to waves. As the Irish Sea is considerably calmer than the Atlantic, decent surfing conditions are dependent on strong southerly or easterly winds. 

However, there are a few spots in Dublin that lend themselves to riding the waves when the conditions are right. 

In this post we share the best surf spots in Dublin.

Map of Surf Spots

The following map shows the location of every surf spot highlighted in this post:

Whiterock Beach

For surfing in Dublin, Whiterock Beach on Killiney Bay is your best bet. Located just a few minutes walk from the picturesque South Dublin village of Killiney, the waves that arrive at the beach benefit from a southerly swell that is best from low to mid tide. 

Location: 1 Vico Rd, Killiney, Dublin

Dollymount Strand

The next best option for catching some waves in Dublin is Dollymount Strand beach. Situated on North Dublin’s Bull Island, this stretch of beach offers surfers the chance to ride perhaps the most unusual waves in Europe, if not the world. The only reliable waves that break on the beach are those generated by the wake of the ferries that regularly pull into Dublin Bay from the UK and Europe. 

The waves are best at a low-to-mid tide and can be up to 6 feet tall depending on the size of the ferry and the wind conditions. The best spot to try to catch a wave from is close to the rocky jetty at the southern end of the beach. 

The waves are sometimes enjoyed by stand-up paddle boarders who can surf each wave for minutes at a time.

The video below gives an idea of the waves on offer.

Location: Bull Island, Dublin

Brittas Bay

Source: Visit Wicklow

While the final entry on our list is actually located in County Wicklow, Brittas Bay beach is less than an hour’s drive from Dublin. The beach sees some of the best waves on the east coast and is very beginner-friendly. In addition, there is a surf school that run lessons regularly. 

For beginners based on the east coast, Brittas Bay is an excellent spot to work on their surf game.

Location: Brittas Bay, County Wicklow

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