The Best Fruit and Vegetable Shops In Dublin

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In our hyper-convenient modern world, we all too often default to buying our fruit and vegetables from the nearest supermarket chain store. However, sourcing your fruit and vegetables from a dedicated greengrocers specialising in fresh produce can have huge benefits. First and foremost, greengrocers specialising in fruit and vegetables generally take care with the produce they sell, ensuring that their goods are fresh, ripe, and at their best. Many greengrocers also maintain a balance between locally grown produce and exotic overseas items, offering customers the best of both worlds. 

Thankfully, Dublin has several excellent fruit and vegetable shops located across the city. These shops offer fine, fresh produce with the personal touch and care that can often be lacking at large chain supermarkets. 

In this post we share the best fruit and vegetable shops in Dublin.

Map of Fruit and Vegetable Shops

The following map shows the location of every fruit and vegetable shop highlighted in this post:


The fruit and vegetable shop Evergreen on Wexford Street in the city centre is well known for the fantastic quality of their produce. The shop is well-stocked with a good mix of local, seasonal produce such as Irish berries and rhubarb, and more exotic fare from overseas markets. 

The shop is a family-run business, a fact that is clear from the excellent customer service on offer from the friendly, knowledgeable, and welcoming staff. 

Location: 34 Wexford St, Portobello, Dublin


The Fresh Market

The Fresh Market in North Dublin’s Marino neighbourhood is a gem of a shop, serving up wholesome lunch options such as soup and salads for take out alongside a range of fresh fruit and vegetables and assorted dry goods. Alongside their fresh produce, the shop offers a variety of flower bulbs and fresh herbs.

The shop also stock a full range of ‘alternative’ foodstuffs such as almond and oat milk, dairy-free yoghurts, and tofu. 

Location: 6 St Aidan’s Park Road, Marino, Dublin


Robbie’s Greengrocer & Food Store

Source: Robbie’s Greengrocer & Food Store

Situated in the South Dublin neighbourhood of Goatstown is Robbie’s Greengrocer & Food Store. With crates of vibrant, inviting fresh produce spilling out of the shop onto the pavement, passerby’s can’t help but head inside for a browse of the goods on offer. The store is well-stocked with a range of fresh fruit and vegetables, speciality cheeses and breads, and exotic fare such as persimmons, figs, and kumquats. 

In addition to their fresh produce, Robbie’s also brew up some fine coffee for take out. They are environmentally conscious, striving for compostable or bio-degradable packaging where possible. 

More information on the store can be found here.

Location: 3 Drummartin Rd, Kilmacud West, Dublin

Mr. Green Fresh Food

Source: Mr. Green Fresh Food

Located in the North Dublin village of Portmarknock, Mr. Green Fresh Food is a welcoming gem of a shop bursting with fresh fruit and vegetables and other delicacies. The shop stocks a wide range of nuts, seeds, and dried fruit for those looking for a few snacks to go with their staples. 

The helpful staff are always on hand to assist with any queries you might have. The store will also order in any items you may require if they are not in stock.

Location: Strand Rd, Burrow, Portmarnock, Dublin


Shankill Market Fresh

Source: Shankill Market Fresh

Shankill Market Fresh is a delightful fresh fruit and vegetable shop located in the Shankill neighbourhood in the far south of Dublin. The shop is fully stocked with all of the fresh produce you could need, along with some extra treats such as speciality cheeses and exotic fruits. 

More information on the store can be found here.

Location: The BBQ Centre, Shanganagh Road, Shankill, Dublin

Moore Street Fruit Market

Source: Dublin Town

The final entry on our list is not a shop, but a market. Dublin’s historic Moore Street traders have been selling fruit and vegetables from the famous street for centuries. The cries of the traders have been heard on Moore Street since the early 18th century.

While it is true that the market is somewhat in decline today, it is still an excellent place to pick up fresh Irish berries and other fruits and to enjoy the goodnatured banter and conversation with the venerable traders that are the heart and soul of the market.

Location: Moore Street, Dublin

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