The Best Korean Food In Dublin In 2023

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Korean food has gone through a long-overdue appreciation in recent years. Centered around rice, vegetables, seafood, meat, and of course the ever prevalent kimchi, Korean cuisine has proven to be a hit in Dublin since the first Korean restaurants opened their doors. A unique blend of salty, spicy, and savoury with a particular emphasis on small side dishes, Korean food is a must-try for any budding foodie in the capital.

In this post, we share the best Korean food in Dublin in 2023.

Map of Restaurants

The following map shows the location of every Korean restaurant highlighted in this post:

Korean Table

Although a relative newcomer to the Dublin food scene, Korean Table’s delicious and authentic Korean cuisine has put it firmly on the map of foodies in the capital. Operating out of a narrow yet cosy space in Stoneybatter, the restaurant works on a walk in basis, which adds a sense of exclusivity to the spot, although they do take reservations for groups of 10 or more. Although the restaurant itself only opened in 2022, the team behind Korean Table have traded from food markets in Dublin for several years previously.

Even though it might be a bit tricky to snag a table, particularly on the weekend, the effort is more than worth it – the talented chefs at Korean Table have brought a true taste of Korea to Dublin with their small but perfectly formed menu. Featuring two starter options and several mains to choose from, you can be guaranteed that whatever you pick will be fresh, authentic, and flavoursome. What’s more, the prices are excellent value for money considering the level of care and attention to detail.

We chose the dakgangjeong (crispy Korean chicken bites) to start, which was a zingy, slightly spicy wonder of crisp texture and sweet flavours. The portion of perfectly cooked chicken bites was generously sized. In addition to our starter, a complementary plate of Korean snacks was also generously provided, and included some delicacies such as fried aubergine, kimchi, and pickled broccoli.

For the main course, our group of four chose the stone cauldron beef, the beef ribs, and two spicy gochujang bulgogi. The two beef bowls were soup perfection, with a hearty, slightly sweet broth bringing beautiful flavour to the signature glass noodles of Korea. The beef was well cooked and tender, with plenty of fat giving it a rich taste and enjoyably chewy texture.

The spicy gochujang bulgogi, such as signature Korean dish, was expertly done, with the aromatic beef and fried egg combining beautifully with the intense Korean flavours.

Don’t miss this North Dublin gem!

Location: 50a Manor Street, Stoneybatter, Dublin


Kimchi Hophouse

For an authentic taste of Korean food in Dublin, you can’t go wrong with the oldest Korean restaurant in the city, Kimchi Hophouse. The unpretentious and unfussy pub and restaurant serve up cracking Korean cuisine and drinks in a friendly and familiar atmosphere.

Kimchi Hophouse also offer an outdoor beer garden area where you can enjoy a drink and some fine Anju tapas, tasty morsels of Korean food that go great with beer. 

Location: 160 Parnell Street, Dublin



Named after one of the many names of the Han river that runs through Seoul, Arisu is the place to go for Korean BBQ in Dublin. Since setting up shop in 2010, Arisu have been enchanting customers with their fine, filling, and delicious barbecued delights. Located on Capel Street in the city centre, the restaurant is proudly Korean in decoration and would not be out of place tucked away in a side street of Seoul. 

Arisu also offer a range of sushi and noodle dishes, as well as a selection of traditional Korean spirits and Korean beer. 

Location: 120 Capel Street, Dublin



Featured on our list of the best fried chicken in Dublin, Chimac bring a mouthwatering Korean version of fried chicken to the table. Good fried chicken and cold beer is such a beloved combination of Koreans that they actually invented a word to describe the two, ‘chee-mac’, from which the Aungier Street based restaurant takes its name. 

Chimac’s passion for great fried chicken flavoured with all of the range of Korean cuisine has created something truly special. Customers can have their chicken on its own with a range of sauces, or in a burger. 

Location: 76 Aungier Street, Dublin


Brothers Dosirak

Tucked away in the back of Super Asia Foods store is Brothers Dosirak, a true hidden treasure. Dosirak is Korean for lunchbox (Brothers Dosirak literally translates to ‘The Brother’s Lunchbox’), and a dosirak is the Korean version of the famous Japanese bento boxes. True to name, they serve up authentic, delicious Korean dosiraks filled with meat and vegetables. Generous with their portions, you are guaranteed to satisfy your hunger cravings here. The friendly, happy staff are another selling point of the restaurant.

Brothers Dosirak also offer a range of wings and other Korean delicacies. 

More information on Brothers Dosirak can be found here.

Location: 27 Capel Street, Dublin

Han Sung

Another hidden gem, Han Sung is located in the Han Sung Asian Market on Great Strand Street in Dublin’s city centre. This restaurant serves up excellent Korean fare at very reasonable prices. Highlights include their Korean fried chicken offers and kimchi chips. 

Location: 22 Great Strand Street, Dublin



Hilan on Capel Street is a combination Chinese and Korean restaurant, but don’t let that put you off if you’re after great Korean food. This spot is the real deal, and emanates authentic Asian restaurant vibes.

We started with the scallion pancakes, which were a revelation – tasty, fragrant, and a perfect, chewy consistency.

For mains, there’s a great selection of Korean specials such as stir-fried kimchi and pork, Korean spicy ribs, and Korean deep-fried chicken. The ever-present Korean staples such as bibimbap and bulgogi are also available.

We went with the sea eel bibimbap, which was an intriguing yet delicious dish, and the traditional beef bulgogi, was a great example of Korean BBQ.

While the service can sometimes leave a lot to be desired, the food is certainly worth the visit at Hilan.

Location: 45 Capel Street, North City, Dublin


Korean Burrito

A mainstay at Blackrock market and many other Dublin markets, Korean Burrito offer a taste of Korea wrapped up as a classic Mexican burrito. Their flavoursome burritos are a truly innovative fusion food experience. The menu includes a range of meats, including rib beef, steak, and chicken burritos, as well as vegetarian options. 

All options are also available in bowls. 



The final entry on our list, Jaru, is an unusual one in that it’s only open for takeaway on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. The restaurant doubles as a small food production kitchen for the rest of the week, producing Korean food using fresh Irish ingredients and traditional Korean recipes. 

From their kitchen in Nutgrove Enterprise Park in South Dublin, Jaru offer a range of outstandingly innovative and delicious small plates that can be ordered online for collection, including kimchi mandu, kimchi cheese chips, and Korean fried chicken. They also offer mains, including Korean friend chicken burgers and rice bowls. 


FAQs About The Best Korean Restaurants In Dublin

What is the best Korean restaurant in Dublin?

In our opinion, Korean Table in Stoneybatter are serving up the best Korean food in Dublin at the moment.

Which Korean restaurants in Dublin serve authentic Korean food?

All Korean restaurants on our list serve authentic Korean food, with Korean Table, Kimchi Hophouse, and Arisu serving the best examples in our opinion.

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